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Navy blue gymnastic tights leotard summer children competition clothing Gymnastic competitive gymnastics competition clothes

*Brand: LIUHUO
*Fabric Type:Fabric is very stretchy
*Sleeve: Sleeveless
*Style: Fashion&Casual

  • Quantity: 78
  • Selling Price: $46
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    Product Description

    Navy Blue Gymnastic Tights Leotard Summer Children Competition Clothing Gymnastic Competitive Gymnastics Competition Clothes

    Color: Solid color; Gradient color, pattern (requires digital printing).
    Fabric: Spandex, mesh, hot gold fabric. All four sided bullets.
    Diamond: Imitation Austrian diamond+gemstone.
    Skirt hem: No hem, high cut crotch.
    Neckline: Round neck, high neck, front neck high and back neck low.
    Size: 10 standard sizes, customizable (required to provide: height, weight, shoulder width, sleeve length) Special requirements need to be noted.
    Craftsmanship: Handmade, 3D three-dimensional cutting, customized.
    Cuff: Sleeveless.
    Back: Large open back, small open back, invisible zipper, low round neck, shoulder buckle.

    Washing care
    *Machine Washable (Recommended Hand Wash)
    *Hand WashCold / No Bleach / Hang Dry



    Figure Pattern Swimming Suit:

    Figure pattern swimming suit are swimsuits specially designed for synchronized swimming competitions. It is usually made of soft, breathable material to ensure the swimmers' freedom of movement underwater. Swimsuits have various decorations, such as flowers, sequins, sparkling crystals, etc., to enhance the beauty of the swimmers. At the same time, these decorations also help players complete more complex and colorful movements. The design of synchronized swimming swimsuits is usually very exquisite, with rich and colorful colors, which can win more points for the players. In addition to appearance, the quality and comfort of swimsuits are also very important. A good swimsuit can provide good support and appropriate resistance to help players complete beautiful water movements. Synchronized swimming swimsuits are usually equipped with various accessories, such as headgear, jewelry, glasses, gloves, etc. These accessories also play a role in beautifying the image of the players and enhancing the effect of the competition. In short, synchronized swimming swimsuits are essential equipment in synchronized swimming competitions. They are not only beautiful, but also have important functions.

    Our Services & Strength

    At present, our factory has about 120 people, and the daily output is about 1200 pieces.
    It is the largest company in China that produces skating suits and the only company that does foreign trade.

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    Company Introduction

    We are a manufacturer of figure skating garments, the company was founded in 2012. Our company name is Dingxing Bingdie Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    At present, there are about 50 production workers and 8 skilled workers. We have experienced and produced skating suits for many brands in the United States, Japan and other countries. Looking forward to working with you:)

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